Land Between

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

creative prompt

In the beginning of this year I had some fun making this video for Carla Sonheim's 365 daily class.
It is a creative prompt to pick a few actions to do to a piece of paper.
Check the video out in link below.

And the class is running again in 2018, so if you want a creative boost every day, sign on up at her website, link above. Enjoy!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

3 somethings and something else

I'm not good at consistency. Growing up playing tennis I would hit one winner down the line and then the next would be a loop de loop lob over the fence.  It was like two different players appeared on the court. I don't really play tennis that much anymore. But I do see that consistency in the day of technology could be easier to achieve. Only share what is "good" "thought out" "fully formed." Only show the winners down the line. But I know it's not who I am. I'm a mixture of mishaps, attempts, creative explosions, and sometimes loop de loops over a magical fence. I don't even know why I am writing this now as I logged on to be consistent with sharing 3 inspirations ( or somethings that I have read, seen , noticed, heard lately) I've often thought it would be a good idea to do it EVERY friday, be consistent. That hasn't happened yet. I come on whenever I do and perhaps that is enough for now.

3 things that have nothing to do with what I just wrote above.

1. This book I recently picked up again off my shelf.  It's a highly original take on creativity from the high wire performer and artist Phillipe Petit.

2. This online class from Carla Sonheim is a daily creative boost in your inbox. It's a mix of quick exercises, painting/drawing/collage techniques, artist interviews and prompts, sprinkled with inspiring little moment videos. It's a gift every day for your creative self to grow. I'm planning to sign up again this year.


Had a tiny moment of clarity mixed with "What if" wonder while drawing and quickly wrote this on a scrap paper.  Really,,, What if every action were framed as an experiment? 

Monday, November 13, 2017

wakey wake

Last week I was in a yoga class and the teacher had a mantra he was offering through out the class- stay awake, don't go back to sleep, stay awake. Of course the more he said it, the more I really wanted to lay down on the mat and stop moving and close my eyes. Lately I have been wanting to crawl back into bed after my morning routines, not sure if it is the changing of the season or that I'm feeling a bit of, what next? I've been going creating for many months and feel a little pause as into what lays ahead. Stay awake- i tell myself. Stay awake with what I'm feeling. Stay Awake into this next phase, this not knowing where my art, my creative pursuits, my path is going. Stay Awake in the transitions, they have something to teach me. Something that wants to be open fully.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Shifting Creative Focus

What do you do when you feel your creative energy is scattered? Starts and stops and not able to get into anything. That is how I've been feeling the last few days. This morning I decided to look at my scattered energy. I could let it continue to scatter and be ok with that or be pissed by it OR give it something specific to do that has no thought and will maybe draw it into a more intentional way which will hopefully fuel the rest of the day. I did all three of those OR choices. I'm currently fresh after the last one where I discovered this, drawing targets. Somehow this little exercise shifted my energy. All I needed to do was draw target after target, circle after circle,  I even allowed myself to do a triangle target. This one page focus practice is helping for the moment, may need to do it again after lunch.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Keep Going

          How do I know i am going in the right direction? What is the RIGHT direction anyway? I suppose one knows when it feels off, when things don't sync or that little something inside you says, hmmm NO. But what if there are a lot of possible Yes directions? That is what I feel now. I have many possibilities of ways I want to go deeper into creating, many possibilities of expanding, learning, and ultimately sharing my art/ illustration/ story/ scribble collage ponderings. So today I tell myself, remind myself, it's the way, the space in between, it's here where I am now stepping further into my unknown discovering path, here writing this, drawing that, meeting new people, getting my hands glues stick ink messy, unsure of many things, but certain of one....Keep Going!!!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

3 inspirations from the past few weeks

This is one of the last views of Saturn taken by the Cassini spacecraft.
Cassini really blows my mind. Space and NASA's ability to discover what exists is AMAZING and AWE inspiring beautiful.


 Discovered this picture book at the Brooklyn Children's Book Festival. I cried reading it on the subway. It is unlike any picture book I have read and reminds me to draw and write whatever is important to me. The illustrations are full of life and spontaneity-love love love. It is from a Japanese writer and illustrator and is put out by the fabulous Enchanted Lion books- my favorite.
The illustrator is Ryoji Arai and author Arata Tendo.

3. This is too good, makes me want to make some paper cut animations pronto
Terry Gillian monty python’s animations

Friday, August 4, 2017



engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.

This is one definition on first google. The "Practical Purpose" bit here stops me. I think Play can be purposeFUL though. Play has an energy, that is inherently creative. It swirls around, flips things over, makes the body skip up the street just to feel the lightness. It can reveal new ways of seeing, create rhymes to feel words chime, it can scribble to watch a marker dance. Play knows alot, much more then me. But thank goodness it lets me be it's friend. Thank you PLAY, every day for splashing your wonder my way!

What is your definition of play? And how can you invite it into any activity you do on purpose?

Friday, July 14, 2017

3 inspirations this week

                    1. Finding the above note in a box I keep about the creative process.
                    Seems simple. It can be simple. But then sometimes the mind tries to confuse it.
                    Make art, make moments,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;delight.

                    2. Stefan Sagmesiter is brilliant, its a must watch.
                   3. This 1 minute crayon rubbing reminded me playing with materials
                       often gives me new ideas.

Friday, July 7, 2017

It takes COURAGE to...

Looking though illustration files today and found this I did a few months ago for Lilla Rogers Bootcamp class. It is a Courage Map. I really enjoyed this assignment as it pushed me to use writing, collage, and illustration in a new way. It was also personal and encouraged reflection on where I have been courageous both small and big in my life. I think continuing on the creative path, walking embracing dancing asking question with the unknown is a continual courageous act.
One step at a time....Trust the way!

Monday, June 12, 2017


Confused? Blocked? Not sure what in the world you are actually doing? Uh yeah yeah and yeah.
Lately, I've been feeling ultra confused as to my creative path. I think there is an attempt to pretend I know what I'm doing mostly to convince myself. For when I let that "What the heck am I doing?" mind surface my making mind catches on and STOPS.... yes haults in it's glorious I'm not thinking but continuing in my intuitive let's see where this goes unattached way. I think this practical mind, wanting to pin my path down has actually hurt my flow. I have been pulled lately in wanting to decide where I want to focus my creative energy. I don't have one medium, one creative form that I can say this is what I make. Rather I love  bouncing between mediums, exploring forms. So what is the pull between? For a long long time I've wanted to write and illustrate picture books. I've spent many hours making mock ups, attending conferences, writing drawing sending out manuscripts, It has been an ongoing side dream. Recently I've thought about giving up this side dream to focus on other side dreams of my creative practice such as 3d paper sculptures and collages. I've asked myself what would it be like to put all those boxes of possible books away and say goodbye to that dream ( atleast for now). I suppose it is a giving up, but maybe it would also be a giving in. Going where there seems to be an opening in my life as opposed to banging on blocks. Certain doors aren't opening right now but others are. Doors that I couldn't have imagined.  I'm still not sure where this creative path is going but that's the point. To discover as I go. And if that means letting something go for awhile then I will. The most important thing for me is to continue, this, creating in some way and putting it out into the world. Sometimes a STOP is really a PAUSE, now its time to press PLAY again.

Monday, April 17, 2017

It's a constant remembering

I suppose it really would be helpful to have some clever tattoo as a reminder on my palm so when I pick up some brush, paint, or pen, I know. For me its about the process leading the way. 
And when I try to 
there is some kind of wall. I sense it as a feeling, it feels a bit like dread, like a chore, like walking into strong winds, or lifting heavy loads up a ridiculously steep mountain. I'm not saying that everything needs to be easy but I also don't think I need to experience struggling in my art making.
I prefer to experience the wonder, the mystery of NOT KNOWING where i'm going and discover what I'm making as I go. I prefer to trust that the process will unfold to tell me WHAT this SOMETHING wants to be.

Today in my studio, I banged against that feeling wall over and over again. Insisting my time be spent making a PICTURE BOOK. I've been working for years exploring this format, and truly enjoy it. 
But as I worked today a bit stubbornly I felt this idea of WHAT i want to make slip away.
It wasn't going to happen, not today, not this way I was approaching it.

With 10 minutes left in my studio, i gave into the urge I had been feeling from the morning,
the need to play with materials FIRST. For the collage, drawing, color texture adding 
reveal a story, image to me. 
I know I'm on my heart track when I don't want it to end.
I know I will forget this again. But I also know tattoo or not, I will remember my way.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Featured in UPPERCASE magazine

To start off the year I was very excited to have my collage on the cover of UPPERCASE magazine as well as have a feature interview. It was so much fun to answer questions about my creative process and share with my friends, families, and uppercase readers (who are awesome!) If you are not familiar with this magazine I highly recommend it for an inspiration boost. It is filled with artists and their creative delights on every page.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

3 things, people, books, moments, or art that inspire me

1. Amy Krouse Rosenthal- ALL her books and magic making moments. She is an artist I wish I had known personally. Her work will continue to inspire me. She is a BEACON BECKONING LIGHT always. Thank you AMY.
If you have not listened to her TED talks, be lifted and delighted by her enormous creative spirit and ability to PLAY with words and wonder.
and of course her library of books 

2. Feeling. Dancing and singing to Do Re Me at the dinner table.
3. Moment. Witnessing my 13 year old boy play in the snow through my bedroom window.

Friday, January 27, 2017

ideas and images

I really receive a burst, a thrill, some awakening when I have an idea or when I find myself discovering an image as I feel I am making it. Where DO these images/ideas live before they are brought to form? ANd why do I receive some and another person receives a different kind? 
These kind of ponderings juice my day. 
(image from a sketchbook being born on kitchen table this morning)

Monday, January 9, 2017


Some days I hop out of bed ignited for all the creative awesome projects I am going to continue working on. I have a mental list. Going to walk dog, get kids off to school, have breakfast and then GO. There is a skip in my step and then...well then those big grand ideas of what I was going to DO,   hit this imaginary yet very real wall. I can't seem to move forward with what I wanted to do. This is frustrating and causes me to question and doubt,,,, perhaps I'm really not suppose to be doing THIS., instead maybe I need to be working on THAT. So I move from THIS project to THAT one. This pattern repeats and repeats and----uh hum I'm talking about today.  The morning has swirled away in my contemplating what I shall focus my energy on. It's a great problem to have, too many ideas. But HOW do I climb out of it and make best use of the rest of the day. How do I find some sense of flow and move in the direction I want to be in which is making, sharing the best art I can. First, I let go yet again of the mental list for the day. It was too grand, too high expectations. I give myself what I call a DO-able. A Do-able is something that can be done in one sitting, from idea- to manifestion. It is a quick way to feel a sense of success. It shifts the "I CAN"T do this voice" into " I AM doing this Voice."
My Do-ables range from draw for an hour in sketchbook, to paint circles on two pages, make an 18 minute collage, write a paragraph...... To write a blog post about what you creatively are experiencing right now- voila!

Here's my Do-able for the day. Now, I already feel in better in FLOW!

Try it, give your day a DO-able and feel the shift.

Friday, January 6, 2017


               Flower that is never bored, oh how I love you. And if I am ever bored then sit with me and
               remind me to play, smell, grow, dance, breathe, feel the air, BE in this very moment as I am!


Monday, January 2, 2017

Pondering what I want to Grow this Year!

I think for most of my life I've been a seed sprinkler. I happily toss creative seeds as I go unsure what will take root.  This year, I am wondering if it may be useful to intentionally choose what I want to grow.  Not sure if I will actually do that- am in the pondering stage. All I know at the moment is that I am growing my trust to focus on what feels aligned with my truest delight.