Land Between

Monday, November 13, 2017

wakey wake

Last week I was in a yoga class and the teacher had a mantra he was offering through out the class- stay awake, don't go back to sleep, stay awake. Of course the more he said it, the more I really wanted to lay down on the mat and stop moving and close my eyes. Lately I have been wanting to crawl back into bed after my morning routines, not sure if it is the changing of the season or that I'm feeling a bit of, what next? I've been going creating for many months and feel a little pause as into what lays ahead. Stay awake- i tell myself. Stay awake with what I'm feeling. Stay Awake into this next phase, this not knowing where my art, my creative pursuits, my path is going. Stay Awake in the transitions, they have something to teach me. Something that wants to be open fully.