Land Between

Friday, January 31, 2014

New illustration

                                               been playing around with this image.
                            Have many versions in the works but here is one for the moment.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I signed up for this challenge. 12 x12. Write or rewrite one picture book a month for the next year. Saw it and said Yes! Didn't want to ponder too long. I will figure out the HOW as I move through the year. Coming up with ideas is not the challenge for me, but making the ideas into a physical reality is, giving them what they need in order to thrive and delight beyond my hand heart holding. So I am feeling that I will focus more on the rewrite and smarty (also known as dummy) making for this year. Making the ideas real. Real meaning, have a shape, a form, a back front, seen, heard, experienced, pages exciting between. Breathing life into them, lots of warm wonderous wacky wild WOW breath.    I don't know HOW I will get there but WOW, I am setting my heart sails into the delight of picture book readers NOW.