Land Between

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lilla Rogers Bootcamp May

 Here are some images from this months editorial assignment which was about beginning meditation.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


                                                           Have been collage happy!

Friday, May 2, 2014


woke up with the words blue star blue star chanting my mind. Perhaps it was the result of some crazy dreams I had trying to replace them with something brighter. i attempted to decode, without success. Instead I made some collages. Much more fun.

3 inspirations

I am inspired by many many artists and people. There are books I read, images, paintings, music. It is everywhere to breathe. Sometimes it is actually overwhelming, there is so much amazing creation created and being created all the time. I am in constant awe intrigue wonder and delight with artists/ writers and their devotion to their work. Once read something from the artist Annette Messenger who also has fed me visually with her mixed media. She writes:

 "Influence-I think it's a sort of nourishment you take from other artists-its like the little sparrows, they are needy like that. When you're young, you take in from a lot of sources; and afterwards, with all you've seen, you never know where it all comes from, where you stop and it begins."

One day I may make a real list of all the artists that I feel have fed me. Until then since I have been focusing on creating children's picture books I thought I would share 3 illustrators whose work definitely delights me and sends me grabbing for my pencil again.

1. Beatrice Alemagna  LOVE!
check out this video

2. Anne Herbaut
3. Isabelle Arsenault

ok 1 more
4. Oliver Jeffers
just 1 more
5. Kveta Pacovska

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mother's Day, always.

                        For my mother's birthday I made her a photo album to celebrate her 70th.
                       She is an amazing woman, full of life, light, completely stylish and always giving.
                       This is the cover for the book. I never met my mom's mom. She died when my mom
                      was a teenager. The hand in the image above is taken from a picture of the grandmother
                      I never met but feel I have some how known.
                       She is waving, as if to say, I am giving my love too.