Land Between

Friday, January 27, 2017

ideas and images

I really receive a burst, a thrill, some awakening when I have an idea or when I find myself discovering an image as I feel I am making it. Where DO these images/ideas live before they are brought to form? ANd why do I receive some and another person receives a different kind? 
These kind of ponderings juice my day. 
(image from a sketchbook being born on kitchen table this morning)

Monday, January 9, 2017


Some days I hop out of bed ignited for all the creative awesome projects I am going to continue working on. I have a mental list. Going to walk dog, get kids off to school, have breakfast and then GO. There is a skip in my step and then...well then those big grand ideas of what I was going to DO,   hit this imaginary yet very real wall. I can't seem to move forward with what I wanted to do. This is frustrating and causes me to question and doubt,,,, perhaps I'm really not suppose to be doing THIS., instead maybe I need to be working on THAT. So I move from THIS project to THAT one. This pattern repeats and repeats and----uh hum I'm talking about today.  The morning has swirled away in my contemplating what I shall focus my energy on. It's a great problem to have, too many ideas. But HOW do I climb out of it and make best use of the rest of the day. How do I find some sense of flow and move in the direction I want to be in which is making, sharing the best art I can. First, I let go yet again of the mental list for the day. It was too grand, too high expectations. I give myself what I call a DO-able. A Do-able is something that can be done in one sitting, from idea- to manifestion. It is a quick way to feel a sense of success. It shifts the "I CAN"T do this voice" into " I AM doing this Voice."
My Do-ables range from draw for an hour in sketchbook, to paint circles on two pages, make an 18 minute collage, write a paragraph...... To write a blog post about what you creatively are experiencing right now- voila!

Here's my Do-able for the day. Now, I already feel in better in FLOW!

Try it, give your day a DO-able and feel the shift.

Friday, January 6, 2017


               Flower that is never bored, oh how I love you. And if I am ever bored then sit with me and
               remind me to play, smell, grow, dance, breathe, feel the air, BE in this very moment as I am!


Monday, January 2, 2017

Pondering what I want to Grow this Year!

I think for most of my life I've been a seed sprinkler. I happily toss creative seeds as I go unsure what will take root.  This year, I am wondering if it may be useful to intentionally choose what I want to grow.  Not sure if I will actually do that- am in the pondering stage. All I know at the moment is that I am growing my trust to focus on what feels aligned with my truest delight.