Land Between

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

3 inspirations from the past few weeks

This is one of the last views of Saturn taken by the Cassini spacecraft.
Cassini really blows my mind. Space and NASA's ability to discover what exists is AMAZING and AWE inspiring beautiful.


 Discovered this picture book at the Brooklyn Children's Book Festival. I cried reading it on the subway. It is unlike any picture book I have read and reminds me to draw and write whatever is important to me. The illustrations are full of life and spontaneity-love love love. It is from a Japanese writer and illustrator and is put out by the fabulous Enchanted Lion books- my favorite.
The illustrator is Ryoji Arai and author Arata Tendo.

3. This is too good, makes me want to make some paper cut animations pronto
Terry Gillian monty python’s animations