Land Between

Friday, February 13, 2015

Manifest Awesomeness

So, yeah!
I've been focusing my creative juices into manifesting what I want to manifest.
I say "It's simple" It's not REALLY that simple.
First you have to align your heart, mind, fingers, actions, with WHAT it is you want to create.
is it a book, an illustration, a blanket, a cape for superhero monkeys, What is the form?
Actually, Back up, FIRST you need to choose the feeling for the thing you want to create.  
the essence, the quality the thing evokes, the stuff that makes you go yes me likes this, 
Do you want it to be mysterious, surreal, eye popping bold, funny, entwined in story, abstract, 
what is the feeling?
then you mix the Physical Form with the Emotional Essence. 
You swirl it, bake it, toss it in a bowl and leave it under the moonlight for days, take it for a walk, bathe it, scrub it, hug it, lug it, shake it, plead with it, sing to it, feed it mountain ocean air, bow over it, 
ask it what you think may be unanswerable questions, sit with it, sit with it, sit WITH it, 
until something , that something you chose to make is sitting with you too.

essence to what you want to create +  form of what you want to create = Manifested Awesomeness