Land Between

Monday, April 17, 2017

It's a constant remembering

I suppose it really would be helpful to have some clever tattoo as a reminder on my palm so when I pick up some brush, paint, or pen, I know. For me its about the process leading the way. 
And when I try to 
there is some kind of wall. I sense it as a feeling, it feels a bit like dread, like a chore, like walking into strong winds, or lifting heavy loads up a ridiculously steep mountain. I'm not saying that everything needs to be easy but I also don't think I need to experience struggling in my art making.
I prefer to experience the wonder, the mystery of NOT KNOWING where i'm going and discover what I'm making as I go. I prefer to trust that the process will unfold to tell me WHAT this SOMETHING wants to be.

Today in my studio, I banged against that feeling wall over and over again. Insisting my time be spent making a PICTURE BOOK. I've been working for years exploring this format, and truly enjoy it. 
But as I worked today a bit stubbornly I felt this idea of WHAT i want to make slip away.
It wasn't going to happen, not today, not this way I was approaching it.

With 10 minutes left in my studio, i gave into the urge I had been feeling from the morning,
the need to play with materials FIRST. For the collage, drawing, color texture adding 
reveal a story, image to me. 
I know I'm on my heart track when I don't want it to end.
I know I will forget this again. But I also know tattoo or not, I will remember my way.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Featured in UPPERCASE magazine

To start off the year I was very excited to have my collage on the cover of UPPERCASE magazine as well as have a feature interview. It was so much fun to answer questions about my creative process and share with my friends, families, and uppercase readers (who are awesome!) If you are not familiar with this magazine I highly recommend it for an inspiration boost. It is filled with artists and their creative delights on every page.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

3 things, people, books, moments, or art that inspire me

1. Amy Krouse Rosenthal- ALL her books and magic making moments. She is an artist I wish I had known personally. Her work will continue to inspire me. She is a BEACON BECKONING LIGHT always. Thank you AMY.
If you have not listened to her TED talks, be lifted and delighted by her enormous creative spirit and ability to PLAY with words and wonder.
and of course her library of books 

2. Feeling. Dancing and singing to Do Re Me at the dinner table.
3. Moment. Witnessing my 13 year old boy play in the snow through my bedroom window.

Friday, January 27, 2017

ideas and images

I really receive a burst, a thrill, some awakening when I have an idea or when I find myself discovering an image as I feel I am making it. Where DO these images/ideas live before they are brought to form? ANd why do I receive some and another person receives a different kind? 
These kind of ponderings juice my day. 
(image from a sketchbook being born on kitchen table this morning)

Monday, January 9, 2017


Some days I hop out of bed ignited for all the creative awesome projects I am going to continue working on. I have a mental list. Going to walk dog, get kids off to school, have breakfast and then GO. There is a skip in my step and then...well then those big grand ideas of what I was going to DO,   hit this imaginary yet very real wall. I can't seem to move forward with what I wanted to do. This is frustrating and causes me to question and doubt,,,, perhaps I'm really not suppose to be doing THIS., instead maybe I need to be working on THAT. So I move from THIS project to THAT one. This pattern repeats and repeats and----uh hum I'm talking about today.  The morning has swirled away in my contemplating what I shall focus my energy on. It's a great problem to have, too many ideas. But HOW do I climb out of it and make best use of the rest of the day. How do I find some sense of flow and move in the direction I want to be in which is making, sharing the best art I can. First, I let go yet again of the mental list for the day. It was too grand, too high expectations. I give myself what I call a DO-able. A Do-able is something that can be done in one sitting, from idea- to manifestion. It is a quick way to feel a sense of success. It shifts the "I CAN"T do this voice" into " I AM doing this Voice."
My Do-ables range from draw for an hour in sketchbook, to paint circles on two pages, make an 18 minute collage, write a paragraph...... To write a blog post about what you creatively are experiencing right now- voila!

Here's my Do-able for the day. Now, I already feel in better in FLOW!

Try it, give your day a DO-able and feel the shift.

Friday, January 6, 2017


               Flower that is never bored, oh how I love you. And if I am ever bored then sit with me and
               remind me to play, smell, grow, dance, breathe, feel the air, BE in this very moment as I am!


Monday, January 2, 2017

Pondering what I want to Grow this Year!

I think for most of my life I've been a seed sprinkler. I happily toss creative seeds as I go unsure what will take root.  This year, I am wondering if it may be useful to intentionally choose what I want to grow.  Not sure if I will actually do that- am in the pondering stage. All I know at the moment is that I am growing my trust to focus on what feels aligned with my truest delight.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

3 weekly inspirations

1. Colorful space suits made by kids battling cancer. This is a BEAUTIFUL project. Check it out.

2. Reading this book.


3.Feeling flow while skiing in the snow. Loved having a conversation on the lift with my boys about skiing and how it is creative to move your body through space with your own style.

Friday, December 23, 2016


I made this many many many years ago. I think it was the first time I placed words next to drawings. Every once in awhile I take it out of a box and look at it. Part of me wants to redo it and transform it into something shinier more evolved, better. But it never happens, i look at it, smile, and then place it back in the box. Of course it is different then what I may make or write today but there is one thing that remains consistent. The message, note, reference to PLAY continues to be an essential ingredient in anything I do. Instead of keeping it in a box I decided to share it here as is. This year, may you invite PLAY into your day even for a little moment.