Land Between

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Shake it up

This little practice really can shift your mood, perspective, and invite new discovery. When I was in college I spent a semester in Florence. I made it a practice to walk home a new way, winding down new streets, getting lost sometimes, but always discovering and keeping my eyes fresh. I think I forgot how to do this as lately I have been very straight walking from here to there with not much wiggle room. I like to wiggle. My mind needs it sometimes. This morning in my yoga class the teacher mentioned this practice, that walking home or somewhere you often go try a new way, it helps with creativity. In hearing this I remembered and decided that today I would walk home differently. I wasn't sure which way but just something other then robot going. Well, i not only walked home a new way but that seed thought while in yoga opened up my morning not as planned.  I ended up having tea with someone unexpectedly. When I returned home my energy and mind seemed more aligned then they have in weeks. So when feeling stuck, wander off your normal routine and turn on a new street. It may just shake things up.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Drawing from Life

I've begun a new practice, I'm drawing from life. It feels super grounding.
I mostly draw from my imagination or play with materials , so this is different, a little scary and yet exciting. So far in the morning I do a little drawing where my starting point is focusing on an object or picture taken from life. It's a practice in both looking and seeing what is there, not how I think it should be or how I think it would look better but what actually is before me. And then also, letting it be something else, something not exact, imperfect, something my hand finds. When I was little I learned to draw in my mom's friend's basement. She had an after school art class and I didn't know it at the time but I think it was the foundation for me as an artist. We got to create still lifes from all these objects she had piled on a shelf and tons of fabric. I remember how the hour and a half flew by as I sat with colored pencils and drew petals on a flower, reflections in a glass jar, and the pattern off a fabric. I wasn't thinking about if the drawing was good or bad, my focus was on seeing. I'm forever grateful to my teacher for holding that space and giving me tools that I forgot I had.  I'm not sure how this return to drawing from life will develop or if it will influence my other art but 
I'm excited to find out.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

3 inspirations

1. First book I've read in 2018 is Louis Undercover. Gobbled it up last night. Beautiful and inspiring illustrations and delightful writing. An amazing duo- Isabelle Arsenault for art and Fanny Britt as writer.

2. This is a great documentary and look into how David Hockney keeps creating his amazing paintings,,, really enjoyed it, called The Art of Seeing.
This is how I want to be as an artist when I'm 80.

3. Don't usually use markers but bought these to play with- they are yum! Copic- Blue.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Moving into 2018

Quote from George Saunders 

so it's 2018 and I'm feeling a slow move, a stroll, a pondering graze into the new year, a little hesitant, a bit uncertain, WHERE am I Going? WHAT do I want to Continue?....last year so many awesome creative new experiences happened, I galloped and NOW WHAT? what if it ends what if that was it.... see my thoughts have been creeping around my brain and tugging at my heart. Today I am back at home after a long 2 plus week break. I know from the past that when I am NOT practicing drawing, writing, making in some art form, that my thoughts have a tendency to generate doubt. My one remedy it to continue, get back in where I left off, start moving those hands. Splash some paint down, toss some words out, and shake it up. The only way to discover and reconnect with my WHAT and WHERE and WHY is to head semi-blindfolded in that direction with heart open to trust.. THE PROCESS will guide and help me.

The horse collage sketch book image and quote by George Saunders (great writer) above don't really have any correlation other then they were in a file on my computer called blog and I like both of them. Sometimes we just need to put something down to begin.....again.

This year I invite new creative collaborations, opportunities to share my art, writing, discoveries in any form they choose to take.
 However, picture books, sculptures, and prints are in my wide angled focus at the moment, we shall see how it evolves. 

Wishing the creative in you a delightful, fruitful, juicy journey in 2018! 
Whether you walk, gallop, stroll, or graze, may you discover your unique flavor of magic.
If you want to collaborate on something,,,, send me a note, would love to see what we can make together!!!!