Land Between

Friday, January 12, 2018

Drawing from Life

I've begun a new practice, I'm drawing from life. It feels super grounding.
I mostly draw from my imagination or play with materials , so this is different, a little scary and yet exciting. So far in the morning I do a little drawing where my starting point is focusing on an object or picture taken from life. It's a practice in both looking and seeing what is there, not how I think it should be or how I think it would look better but what actually is before me. And then also, letting it be something else, something not exact, imperfect, something my hand finds. When I was little I learned to draw in my mom's friend's basement. She had an after school art class and I didn't know it at the time but I think it was the foundation for me as an artist. We got to create still lifes from all these objects she had piled on a shelf and tons of fabric. I remember how the hour and a half flew by as I sat with colored pencils and drew petals on a flower, reflections in a glass jar, and the pattern off a fabric. I wasn't thinking about if the drawing was good or bad, my focus was on seeing. I'm forever grateful to my teacher for holding that space and giving me tools that I forgot I had.  I'm not sure how this return to drawing from life will develop or if it will influence my other art but 
I'm excited to find out.