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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Shake it up

This little practice really can shift your mood, perspective, and invite new discovery. When I was in college I spent a semester in Florence. I made it a practice to walk home a new way, winding down new streets, getting lost sometimes, but always discovering and keeping my eyes fresh. I think I forgot how to do this as lately I have been very straight walking from here to there with not much wiggle room. I like to wiggle. My mind needs it sometimes. This morning in my yoga class the teacher mentioned this practice, that walking home or somewhere you often go try a new way, it helps with creativity. In hearing this I remembered and decided that today I would walk home differently. I wasn't sure which way but just something other then robot going. Well, i not only walked home a new way but that seed thought while in yoga opened up my morning not as planned.  I ended up having tea with someone unexpectedly. When I returned home my energy and mind seemed more aligned then they have in weeks. So when feeling stuck, wander off your normal routine and turn on a new street. It may just shake things up.

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