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Friday, May 2, 2014

3 inspirations

I am inspired by many many artists and people. There are books I read, images, paintings, music. It is everywhere to breathe. Sometimes it is actually overwhelming, there is so much amazing creation created and being created all the time. I am in constant awe intrigue wonder and delight with artists/ writers and their devotion to their work. Once read something from the artist Annette Messenger who also has fed me visually with her mixed media. She writes:

 "Influence-I think it's a sort of nourishment you take from other artists-its like the little sparrows, they are needy like that. When you're young, you take in from a lot of sources; and afterwards, with all you've seen, you never know where it all comes from, where you stop and it begins."

One day I may make a real list of all the artists that I feel have fed me. Until then since I have been focusing on creating children's picture books I thought I would share 3 illustrators whose work definitely delights me and sends me grabbing for my pencil again.

1. Beatrice Alemagna  LOVE!
check out this video

2. Anne Herbaut
3. Isabelle Arsenault

ok 1 more
4. Oliver Jeffers
just 1 more
5. Kveta Pacovska

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