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Friday, February 28, 2014

Studio time....letting it happen to make it happen

This week in my Studio:
 It was Wednesday and it had been awhile since I just let myself go, draw, paint, scribble without an idea as to what I wanted to create or what it was for. And I suppose I REALLY needed this because I had this surge flow through me. This glorious thank you this is what I come for, this is what I am for, this is what YES the word is for. I have had this feeling before but like I said it has been awhile to give myself free draw time. Of course now I want more. But this is what came out of those few hours I gave myself to dance my hands open to some yum yum color line fun.

                         these are both mixed media, watercolor, marker, oil pastels (which I just rediscovered),
                          and few pencil dashes on 22x30 rives BFK (my favorite) paper

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