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Monday, February 24, 2014

Have a Koo-Kooliscious DAY!!!!

In the Fall I took Lilla Rogers art making course. It was really fun and helped me to create some new unexpected illustrations. I am now taking her Boot Camp online course. Our first assignment was
Coo-koo (still can't figure out how to spell that ) clocks. She gives you the mini, which is to draw, draw, draw. I love this part and could still be drawing koo-koo if there wasn't a deadline.
There are too many to show all but here are some of the drawings I did.  I began with marker black and white,

and then moved on to some collage.

Below is the final assignment which was to create a phone case.
It would have been helpful for me to place it in the phone case template. hmmmm, next time.
I decided to go with the collage feel and focus on one lovely koo-koo bird. 
As you can see I used some images
directly from my sketches. 
Looking at the sketches again I am thinking I 
want to create another one inspired by the black and white drawings.

Have a Koo-Kooliscious DAY!!!!

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