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Friday, February 16, 2018

children's book illustration

I haven't posted or shared much about my pursuit to create children's books. I'm not really sure why. It is something I have been working on for many many many years. Did I say many, well it has been. But it is also something that I work on for months and then put away and take out again and then put away. I think it is really hard to go at it alone, to maintain momentum without an outside commitment. To think that I could write and draw picture books without the assistance and support of others was stubborn and a bit foolish. Last year I joined a writing workshop and that was incredibly helpful to receive feedback. I also really enjoyed helping others develop their stories. Sharing the process with other like minded people is essential, this I am learning again and again. I don't have to wait for some golden day to share some end point, I can share the bits and bits along the way. That is all to say that I am very grateful to have signed with a children's book agent from Red Fox literary. I look forward to collaborating and receiving the support and guidance I need to get some picture books out into the world....xoxoxo

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