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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Shine Time Journal, Lilla Rogers Bootcamp

(the one i submitted)

(now: playing with new colors which i could do forever)

                                                 (sketches from the mini assignment)

I'm participating in Lilla Rogers illustration Bootcamp.
 I did it last year and really enjoyed it so i'm back for more exploring 
and working to create some fresh images.
One of the main reasons I like the Bootcamp is to use my skills and drawing love in new ways. This assignment was to create a journal cover with an Edwardian jewel inspired theme. This would be a dream job as I'm a notebook keeper. Have about 5 or more various idea, scribble, sketch book holders at one time. When I was making this journal I was thinking about an exercise I do often at night. It is to find the one moment in my day that for some reason delighted my whole being. It can be anything, that one second when I was writing and felt a word fly out onto the page without any effort, watching a woman in a red hat on the bus, spinning wildly in the snow with my dog and two boys and feeling completely immersed in something greater than myself, or eating a yummy soup. Sometimes that moment is easy to find, and other days I sift through the day to rediscover and acknowledge that one tiny shining moment that feels timelessly in tune with the life I'm continually creating.

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