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Friday, August 1, 2014

SCBWI conference little moment

I'm attending the SCBWI LA conference for the first time. Today I had a moment. A little moment. Well I had lots of little moments, isn't that what a day is made from. But this one moment I am referring to gave me a boost just as I needed one.  The door to doubt was creaking it's nasty hinges open into my heart. I could feel it, swingin, slappin, rising it's thunder fire doubt, all those, what am I doing here? when will I ever? why? how? and also where is an  EMPTY SEAT. I was feeling overwhelmed.
So I paused. Stood where I was. Put my hand on the stair railing to sit down. And that's when I saw it. A little gift. For me. On the railing was a tiny plastic bag pink taped. I opened it up slowly and this is what I found.

 Stay Curious. Yes. Hmmmmmm. I again breathed. I remember now. When in doubt, pause, sit down, and look what is right there, right here, at my fingertips. Curious indeed. There is magic happening. Always.

Thanks Kathy Ellen Davis for reminding me and for spreading the good vibes.

Hope you have a little moment today.

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