Land Between

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lilla Rogers class week 5

Thank U(niverse). That's how I feel right now. Nothing happened, I just feel that way. Gratitude is a practice I practice. Sometimes I have to evoke the feeling, steer my heart in that awesome feeling direction, and sometimes, that feeling swings through me as if it came from somewhere so WOW that WOW doesn't even capture it. I love the feeling gratitude creates in my body. That is why I practice it, for the feeling. A little bit like a gratitude feeling junkie, once you  experience a dose of it, you want others to feel it too, you want the world to know this feeling. This golden buddha in the image below was given to me years ago by someone who I barely knew. It sits in my room and every morning I look and for a millisecond or a full second I stand and say in some way with my being, Thank u.

This week the assignment was to be abundant with images inspired from things we collect, love, have.
At first I thought, I don't really collect that much, I live in a small brooklyn apartment with kids, I am always tossing stuff. But then I realized that isn't fully true. I have little collections, gathered here and there, quietly offering their inspiration whenever I need it.