Land Between

Sunday, November 24, 2013


It seems I have dummies ( i mean smarties, no one likes to be called dumb) hanging around my studio. These smarties are great helpers in the process to getting a picture book idea out from my glimmering swirling head and into the world where there is a greater possibility that other hands, eyes, and hearts will have the opportunity to enjoy them too. Also, making a smarty is fun. Some magic happens, magic that involves... well I can't reveal it all just yet. But here are some images from a recent smarty. 
These pages ( in no particular order) are from a picture book titled "The Sock Mess Monster". 

If you would like to see the whole Sock Mess Smarty, please email me, and I will slip into some comfy foot wear, hop on my horse and gallop over to the mail box pronto. Enjoy!!!!!!!