Land Between

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

tiny steps

I realized that just thinking about something isn't going to make it a reality.  
 Moving towards that which you want to create.
 Every day. 
Even if it's the tiniest 
fragment of the whole. 
These steps, even tiny steps matter. 
They add up and bridge each action to the next. 
Sometimes I forget about my mountain.
I see other people's mountains. I see trails that twirl and meander around a lake. 
I ponder about trails that twirl and meander around a lake. 
Sometimes I have absolutely no idea how I will ever build a spiraling staircase around a mountain on roller blades with no map, no scaffolding, and only popsicle sticks in my pocket. 
But I keep on going.
Clarifying my mountain even as it changes day to day.

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