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Thursday, April 3, 2014

3 inspirations this week

1. Love this book
     Have had it hanging around for awhile and just picked it up again. All his observations are
     both so true and funny. Also really enjoy the collages, If you are intrigued at all but ideas:
    the where, who, what, how to them, check the book out.

Read the above, I couldn't believe it either. 
showed this to my son who has trouble spelling 
and he too was amazed and maybe a bit relieved. It seems all we really need to get right is 
the first and last letter of a word for others to be able to read what it is.

2. this Ted Talk, loved not only what he had to say but how he said it. My favorite phrase from the talk
           was ROARING SILENCE. yum, going to have to use that one

3. This Picture Book. I heard it read this morning in my son's classroom. It's hilarious.
      By Bob Shea and Lane Smith, a great duo.


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