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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

old Coloring Book Smartie (actually it's so old that it's stored on a CD)

                                         Who doesn't like to draw with a few flakes of existence

Cleaning up my studio today I opened a drawer and found this. Zoila!
It is a coloring activity book I made oh around 7,8 years ago. Crazy because now I see these very similar kinds of books all around town. I attempted to get it published until I scribbled my way onto something new and this found it's way into a drawer to take a little siesta. There must be a world with many drawers that hold lost treasures, unfinished manuscripts, scratched inklings to some awesome idea. I enjoyed making this book, really did.
Here are a few pics inside this Color-Zing Zook
with the character Z who has traveled a zillion years to come to be.
In the book, it asks you to create a power name or Zort name as Z calls it,
mine is KB Fliddle. 

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